About Me

My name is Mark, and I started KnifeReviews.com to feed my growing knife habit.

My interest in knives really started when I was 12 in the Boy Scouts of America and received my first Totin’ Chip. This was a card that was given to Boy Scouts that allowed the members of my troop to carry a pocket knife with them on camping trips.

Along with the card that you see pictured on the left, the first knife that I ever received was a Schrade Old Timer pocket knife from my grandfather. Over time my love of knives has only grown.

I am trying to create a resource for people who are looking for more information about knives. My promise to you, is that I will only post knife reviews on this site after I have spent time using the knife out in the field and putting it to the test.

Right now I have an affiliation with Blade HQ. The guys there have the best knife store that I have personally used and their customer service is top notch. Of course you might prefer to buy from someone else, but the guys at Blade HQ have been good to me and I recommend them to anyone looking to buy a knife.

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