Gerber 06 Automatic Knife Review

The Gerber 06 Automatic knife is the premier automatic from Gerber Knives. It is a top seller for the brand, and is pretty popular among fans of Gerber. We are talking about nearly half a pound of anodized aluminum, S30V steel and pure American magic. Granted, it does not have the strongest spring or the prettiest face. But you may be hard pressed to find a knife of this size and weight that fits as comfortably in your hand as this one. You can find this knife with a blade that has a tanto or drop point tip.

If this knife were to be a Batman villain, this would be The Penguin. Definitely not the most popular character and does not stand out above the others of the genre (and maybe a little on the stout side)….. But it is dependable and reliable enough to get even the stickiest job done.

If you are looking to add this to your collection of cutlery, you can expect to spend between a $250 and $280. Get this Gerber 06 Auto Knife for an awesome steal at!